The series of artifacts created by Paperna-Yaniv, called Expand Life, includes small and very small (miniature) objects, some of which are functional, such as a hair clip or a jewelry box. These creations are based on the study of morphologies existing in nature, their translation into a 2D geometry and their expanding into a 3D structure. This is somewhat similar to the DNA genetic code which includes the entire information required for the final development of the body. In these creations, just as in nature - the manner and extent of the 2D-geometry "opening" provides each item with its own uniqueness.

The artifacts are made of hard stainless steel which is cut using a photo-chemical etching technology. This technology is very accurate enabling a smaller than 1mm resolution. It is used, among other things, to produce parts used in electronics and medicine, such as the production of a metal expandable shield holding the arteries (stents). The unique production process combines mechanical work with manual work. This is why no artifacts are identical to one another. Each item is special and unique. The finished models are gold-plated, white gold-plated or polished stainless steel. The plated items as well the ones that are not plated, are totally resilient. They do not tarnish and their surfaces are not eroded. There is no need to clean them or provide any special care.


Our designs emerge from the constant search for creative ideas and new challenges. Each building project we design gains its unique characteristics from the site properties and the client's needs.

The project design planning is performed with the clients, and following an assessment of their wishes and requirements. Each project is modeled in 3D to allow visualization of the design and to facilitate the planning process with the other consultants and project constructors.

We strive to identify the exact solution for each project that presents a rich experience of the combination of space, light and matter. The solution includes creation of compositions of spaces, while maintaining a simple or minimal structural design. This includes precise calculations of the proportions between external and internal spaces, with reference to openings (windows and doors), aiming to create an atmosphere of thermal comfort in the building.

We believe in the role of the "chief builder" (From Latin: arkhi=chief, tekton=builder) in building design: The architect as a chief builder leading the construction process, involved in every detail, and capable of devoting time and attention to each constituent of the building plan.